The SaaS Field Manual Book

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A comprehensive plan to start
and run your SaaS company.

All you need to know to start your own SaaS company!

Step 1 – Dream it!
Step 2 – Build it!
Step 3 – Now what?

If you’ve made it past steps 1 or 2 and are scratching your head wondering, “what’s next,” let me assure you that your work is just beginning! This book represents a compilation of all the lessons I’ve learned throughout my 20+ years helping companies build (and fix) their sales, marketing, technology, and product problems. The SaaS Field Manual isn’t a deep dive into any one particular topic but more an overview of the most important parts of a successful SaaS company – divided up by department. This book offers up a custom framework for connecting and aligning each department you’re (eventually) going to need to your launch your big idea.

Just a few of the things included in the SaaS Field Manual…

A Framework

If this is your first company, or maybe your first software company, there’s a lot of moving parts. Understanding those parts and how they all fit together can be confusing. SFB gives you a head start with your new org charts and shows the major components, roles, and responsibilities for each department.

Best Practices

Fixing mistakes takes time and money so the less of them you have to make the better. As a consultant and individual contributor for a number of small to medium sized startups I’ve had the chance to make and fix plenty of mistakes. SFB shares best practices in each department to help you stay on course.


A best-in-class gross margin for a professional services company is 30%…SaaS could be upwards of 80%+. If you want to know how you’re doing you have to know what to measure. Whether you’re looking for investment dollars or just tracking progress, SFB will give you a concise list of metrics you can build into your processes from the beginning.

Expert Advise

No one is an expert at everything. That’s why I’m calling on 20+ years of industry connections to fill in the gaps. Pulling in experts in HR, legal, and finance (just to name a few) will complete the picture and likely keep you and your business out of trouble. Often the least interesting, these supporting and admin departments are required to make your business run.

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