The SaaS Field Manual is developing educational coursework to complement many successful technical programs and coding boot camps. While learning to code is an incredible jump start to a career, an overview of the inner workings of a typical SaaS company is an invaluable resource for students entering the workforce or launching their own start-up.

The SFM coursework is divided into 15 weeks with a recommended 3 hours per week of classroom time. The following high-level syllabus provides an overview of the course which may be customized to meet your program’s specific needs:

  1. Introduction and SaaS Overview
  2. Foundation: Mission, Vision, Values & Mantra
  3. Core: Concepts & Strategies
  4. Product: Structure, UVP & MVP
  5. Operations: Management
  6. Operations: Legal
  7. Operations: Marketing (w/ WordPress & Mailchimp)
  8. Operations: Product Management (w/ Aha!)
  9. Operations: Design (w/ Axure)
  10. Operations: Engineering (w/ Jira)
  11. Operations: Sales (w/ Nutshell)
  12. Operations: Client Success
  13. Operations: Support (w/ Zendesk)
  14. Operations: Finance & Human Resources
  15. Flex Session: Guest Speaker, Panel Discussion, or Demonstration

If your organization in interested utilizing the SaaS Field Manual Coursework to augment your program, please send an email to

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