Author: Shane Freeman

Build Unique Value with Features…For a While

In this series we’ve been discussing a number of ways to build unique value into your product. We’ve examined both the peaks and the valleys of this process and now it’s time to start filling in the gaps. Much like your sales process, we have to work on smaller projects in between the whales. Building your unique value proposition is no different. A unique set of features, for example, is a great way to build value but it’s also an approach that comes with risk. It’s for that reason that I recommend using feature set as a great way...

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Makes Best Practices The Most Powerful Piece of Your Go-To-Market Strategy

In this series, I’ve been discussing some of the differentiation factors you can use to build unique value into your product while you’re planning your go-to-market strategy. Some of the factors I’ve discussed are not as strong as others. Using ‘your people’ as the primary differentiator for your product is like building your office on a bed of sand; shaky at best and will undoubtedly topple when pressure is applied. But if your people represent the sand of unique value, then granite is what you should really be building your foundation on. If true, long-lasting unique value is what...

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Reduce Developer Turnover In 2 Minutes

Developer turnover is a constant struggle that all software companies experience.  Employees transition to new companies for many reasons. Sometimes it’s culture, sometimes they’re not fulfilled by the work they’re doing, more often its due to poor managers. Some of those cases might represent good reasons for an employee to move on. And frankly, sometimes turnover is good. If your organization is performing at a superior level and the bulk of your team is made up of A players, then saying goodbye to a B or C player should be a welcome change. C players don’t feel comfortable around...

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5 Reasons ’People’ Shouldn’t Be Your Greatest Asset

In a previous post I began to discuss the components of crafting a unique value proposition for your SaaS company and why it’s so important to craft this before you start spending money building your next great idea. As I previously mentioned, there are so many people who ‘think’ they have a great idea but in reality someone has usually beat them to the punch. For those cases, you can begin tweaking components of your go-to-market strategy and create a small niche for yourself but it’s not always easy (nor profitable) to take that approach. This blog series will...

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Building a Unique Value Proposition is Not a Job For Marketing

Unique value proposition (UVP) or unique selling proposition is often thought of as a phrase created by your marketing department. Creatives and copywriters get together, read all your existing marketing collateral, then do their best to synthesize all of that into a sentence, a few bullet points and an image. I suppose this process is valid if your product or company has been around for a while. But it’s completely backwards for a new startup. If you’re unique value proposition isn’t done before you marketing engine starts you’re in for a long and hard ride. Have a minute? I’ve...

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