Author: Shane Freeman

What Silicon Valley Should Learn From Norway

Unfortunately, the 2018 Winter Olympics were one of the least-watched games on record. Why is that unfortunate? In addition to the spectacular performances by athletes from across the globe, one of the most amazing demonstrations of athletic prowess came from the small country of Norway. And if your first thought was, “well that’s understandable, it’s must snow all the time in Norway,” then let me be the first to disappoint. At final count, the country of Norway racked up 39 total medals during the games. This beat Germany, the next highest medal winner, by 8 medals. Canada came in...

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Decision Matrix Template

Decision Matrix Template When you have lots of stakeholders trying to make complex decisions based on many factors it’s almost impossible to find consensus. A decision matrix is a tool that helps turn subjective feedback into objective feedback and ensure each stakeholder has their say. This Excel template is was build to accommodate: Feedback from 10 stakeholders Ranking of 10 decision factors Ranking of 20 options Paired comparison analysis of stakeholders Paired comparison analysis of factors Pivot Table and Sorted Ranking of all options Complete the form to receive your...

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Are You Dealing With An Impossible Decision? Here’s A Tool To Help

Once you get the hang of it, prioritizing features can be a fairly painless process. If you’ve already received high level direction from your management team and are getting consistent feedback from your customers on what they would like to see in the product using a scoring method works very well. But what happens when the management team doesn’t know what to build next. Marketing wants something completely different than sales. Management want to focus on cost savings yet Engineering wants to focus on tech debt. These decisions are elevated above selecting and prioritizing features. These decisions are usually...

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Stop Yourself From Being a Jerk (at least) 6 Times a Day

As leaders and entrepreneurs we frequently find ourselves lying awake at night dreaming of our next big idea, strategizing our next product initiative, or far too often, ruminating on our struggles. If our brain is a charging device and our body is a battery just imagine the electricity we’re storing every night. Then we get up the next morning and haul all that pent up energy into the office, positive or negative, for all our employees to feel. This charge effects our culture, the energy in our office, and the health and wellbeing of your and your coworkers. Dissipating...

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Be A Rockstar By Integrating Marketing and Product Research

In a recent podcast interview with Jen Spencer from Smart Bug Media, we had a great conversation about inbound marketing and how it has shifted the power away from the salesperson and into the hands of customers. During our discussion we talked about personas and how creating them was a foundational step in developing a successful inbound marketing campaign. She offered some great advice and recommended marketers interview three to five current or prospective customers to research and understand them better; including how they operate and what’s important to them. She then went on to say, “When you’re starting...

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